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Artist Rendering of Elder Care Tahlequah 




Cherokee Comprehensive Care Agency

Mission Statement


Cherokee Nation Comprehensive Care Agency’s PACE Mission is to enhance the quality of life and autonomy for frail older adults, while enabling the frail older adult to live in his or her home and in the community for as long as it is medically and socially feasible.  Cherokee Nation Comprehensive Care Agency PACE is designed to preserve and support the older adult's family unit while maximizing the dignity of and respect for older adults.

Cherokee Elder Care

Mission Statement


Cherokee Elder Care is committed to improving the physical, emotional and spiritual health of all individuals and communities we serve; to providing care with excellence and compassion; and, to working with others who share our fundamental commitment to improving the human condition. Our team embraces these five core values which are the cornerstones of our existence.                 



The primary bonds of relationship and acceptance, promoting a sense of family and unity both among those being served and among those providing services.



The demonstration and development of our capability and proficiency as we work together with respect, cooperation and professionalism.



The opportunity to use our gifts, skills and wisdom in providing health care to the best of our abilities. 


Human Dignity

The belief that everyone is entitled to recognition, respect, self-worth and the opportunity to develop his or her potential.



The ability to collaboratively plan for the future using individuals’ knowledge and talents for innovation, creative thought, anticipation and imagination.